Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Trying to put things into perspective, doesn’t seem that difficult.
The banks, and mortgage companies, with the blessing of the government/s and commerce forced up the price of houses, they then allowed people to borrow beyond their means, knowing that these individuals were/are on a road to nowhere.
Many people clambered to get onto the property ladder, thinking of long term investments and security as prices started to climb.

An example of how house/flat prices have increased
In London 10 years ago a one bed roomed flat was around £80,000 ten years on and the asking price is £250,000.
Nothing changed, just the price.

The fat cats were, and still are giving themselves large bonuses and early retirement packages, with the banks using your hard earned money to do this. In the UK the banks have, and are being given the peoples money to bail them out, billions given/loaned to Northern Rock and other banks, and more recently another 200 BILLION pounds of public money was made available to do this.
As the job losses increase, more and more people will not be able to keep up their mortgage payments, this will in turn, enable the banks and mortgage lenders to, not only have taken your money (which is probably just the interest) over the years, but then goes on to sell your property/home at a reduced rate for a quick sale, and what about the difference you may ask, well, believe it or not, they're going to ask you for this money as well.
You all have, and continue to work hard for yourselves, your family’s and this country, your country, in the hope that the people entrusted with the directing and flow of money within the national and international economy, know what they are doing and give do give a damn. Where are the new jobs of the 21st century?
It would seem that all the politicians upholding the Thatcher principles, be that Conservative, Labour, Liberals etc, are no good for this country or it’s people. We are a nation and we need to unite. We need someone with Obama’s vision and integrity leading this country to a sustainable future, not a hit and run on the people and the economy. Since growing up, all I have seen are political parties all putting forward their manifestos, but none of them being honoured, none of them really changing things, and with all this potential

Why do they all need so much of your money?
Taxes, everything you earn and buy, big or small, they always take a % to for their TAXES, yet what do you get in return?
New stealth taxes, new rules and regulations, all in some way shape or form taking more of your hard earned money. Where is the balance? We should have all stepped up now; we are the future and the present.
There needs to be strict accountability, if political leaders/parties don't deliver on what they say in their manifesto, within a 4-5 year frame work they should be out, and held accountable. There is enough potential within all people and countries of the world to embrace balance, and progress with foresight and direction to a symbiotic sustainable future for ONE world.

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