Thursday, January 08, 2009

The present financial crisis and steps to build a sustainable future with the right kick start

When Tony Blair was Prime Minister we sent him a letter regarding climate change, the economy and reinvestment into new green industries. We also sent an Email to Gordon Browns home constituency page. In return we received, from No 10, a photo copied standard letter, saying that the Prime Minister takes all enquiries and suggestions seriously, and from Gordon Browns office I received nothing.
Now we are in recession with no real end in sight. Something new is needed in order to progress beyond this state.
If we are to grow, or even kick start the UK economy, let alone the world, we need to increase production, this in turn will create more jobs, with long term prospects for a sustainable future,
On top of this the UK have signed up to meet CO2 emission targets.
In our letter, sent over a year ago we mentioned the closing of the Long bridge plant in the UK.
It was our opinion that the Government should have brought it as an investment and started a production line of Hydrogen cars making them available to all at an affordable price.

The industries of the UK should now be rebuilt from the bottom up. The New industry would make and then use hydrogen engines to power the new plants.
Further to this all new innovations and designs would use environmentally sound practices, from production, through to distribution and disposal, where necessary.

As a Nation globally renowned for its innovations and inventors.
This should be the new export industry; the environmental challenges should be looked at as part of a new symbiotic growth for mankind.
The world needs a plan; this is a plan, for growth longevity sustainability and harmony.
All you’ve got to do is get onboard.

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