Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Poem and its meaning

Patch it up as best you can with a lick and a promise
Who's breaking up the ataraxia
In the clear light of day you steal the planet by contraband
How does it taste, is it sweet like halvah?
Are you numb ,struck dumb,looking for the Mantic?
you want to apply some praxis
you're needing more practice
Have you lost the sapid of love and life
The idea should be whole, not semilunar.
Born from natures serendipity.
There is you and there is me.
So what's the news on your views
What will you choose
You're spirits moving destiny with the zeitgeist
So be wise

Friday, November 30, 2007

Show Stopper

Watch the video

Spoof take of agony tv shows, they call this education, food for the nation

Show stopper

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Exclusive Screening

A P.W.Y.C Event
pay what you can

Tuesday night at the Town Hall
Premiere viewing
One night only
Film release
A "Pay what you can event"
17th July 2007 from 7pm-9pm
WAC Performing Arts & Media College
Hampstead Town Hall Centre
213 Haverstock Hill
London NW3 4QP
Limited seats available
To reserve your ticket
Tel: 020 7692 5888

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Available through a book shop near you
Do you like poetry that is clear and understandable as well as being pleasant to read?
Are your memories of poetry at school as being in need of translation into ‘normal’ English before you could even begin to know what the poem was about?
If that put you off poetry, then get ready to be surprised and entertained by poetry that speaks of many of the things you know, in a very readable yet poetic way.
Poetry should be accessible and this poet makes it so.
The title “Gallimaufry” explains that this brilliant book holds poems on a mixture of subjects, each of which will raise a smile or a tear, maybe evoke a memory of a time, place, or person that you knew or loved, for many of these things are shared by all human beings.
Let Salmagundi take you on this journey to some old and some new thoughts; from poems about animals to friendship, from love to pain, humour to inspirational; poems about the beauty and wonder of nature and others of science fiction or fantasy, or the passing of time and even present day concerns.
A book to read and re-read, to enjoy and maybe even quote from, for the natural rhythm of this poet’s work makes much of it easy to remember.
ISBN . 1-4241-4277-6

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