Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Live Music From London UK 29th Dec 8:30pm Live Music podcast show

Live from London on 29th December 2009 @ 8:30pm
Radfax bring you 2 hours of new bands and beats coming out of London’s music capital Camden Town
This Months show is coming LIVE from Jongleurs Lock 17.
If you want to come along and party, Lock 17 Camden Market, Chalk Farm Road, London UK NW1
Nearest Tube Station Camden Town or Chalk Farm, Northern Line.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Gigs Radfax

Festival of Life
29th September 2012

Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square, WC14 4RL London, United Kingdom

The Festival is a unique one-day event with over 50 free talks and workshops and over 60 stalls covering: Self-healing and Self-empowerment • Natural Parenting and Nature Cures • Healthy Vegan Organic Meals and Whole-foods • Permaculture and Environmentalism • Musical, Poetic and Artistic Expression • Simple and Non-consumerist Living • Creating Community and Networks • Celebration and Connection. Ticket price for full event: 10.30am-11.30pm: £15 /£10 (concs) at the door.
Late ticket price - from 4pm onwards: £10 /£8 (concs) at the door.
Accompanied under 16's free. Entrance to Red Lion Square - free.

If you do not wish to stay for the dance party, you may request a £5 refund
if you leave before 7pm. This will allow space for others to join at this point.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Busking for cancer


Radfax will be one of hundreds of musicians, singers and street entertainers taking part in what is expected to be Britain’s biggest busking event.

Busking cancer, in aid of Cancer Research UK, is a nationwide “gig” which will run for one week from 5th September 2009. It will involve performers from all over the country and the event is sponsored by Fender Guitars.

Last year, more than 400 Busking for Cancer events were organised by the public from London to Glasgow, from Brighton to Cardiff, and this year is expected to be even bigger with the aim to raise over £10,000 for Cancer Research UK.

Radfax are among the first to sign up in Kentish Town, Camden, London. They will be playing at the Camden Lock Market on the 5th September from 1 pm.

Radfax spokesman, Willard White from Camden said: “Busking Cancer is a great way for the band to do what they love doing, it will also raise their profile in their home town, and raise money for a very worthy cause”.

“It would be great if other musicians joined us in other locations around London and the borough of Camden and rocked the streets during the week”.

To register and for more information about Busking for cancer, visit: or

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fahrenheit Festival Aug 7th - 8th Get your Tickets Here

Radfax are set to play the Fahrenheit Music Festival Aug 7th-9th, 2009
3 days of music celebration and creative energy.
So bring your space pods/tents, ears and energy.

A myriad of entertainment and activities. From the moment the gates open ( late afternoon on Friday 7th ) until the final acts leave the main stage on ( 10pm Sunday 9th ) you will be transported to another world.

If you are booking a ticket/s, please use the name “Radfax” as your choice of band. This means that the band will get a small % of the ticket price to help recover their travel expenses. You can buy a 3 day ticket, including camping, for the great value of £55.

Tickets are also available for 1 or 2 days. To book a ticket please use the following link, and remember to choose the band “Radfax” as your selection, thanks, rock and roll.

The Fahrenheit Music & Arts Festival 2009. Bringing together some of the most talented musicians, artists and performers in the UK. A myriad of entertainment and activities await you at Fahrenheit 09! From the moment our gates open (late afternoon on Friday 7th ) until the final acts leave the main stage on ( 10pm Sunday 9th ) you will be transported to another world.

Fahrenheit Festival 09 has been created by passionate music lovers and industry leaders to help the music industry grow, also to support talented musicians, artists and creative’s throughout the UK One of the main aims of Fahrenheit 09 is to give unsigned bands the platform and exposure they need to move forward. The festival includes many different and exciting zones, featuring well known elements from other events as well as those totally Fahrenheit! Not to be missed are our festival of light and fire on Saturday night, our AV spectacular and the closing show on the main stage! Special guest appearances, live PA’s and guest presenters from TV and Radio will all be at Fahrenheit 09. Aslo Reo Ferdinand to attend Fahrenheit Festival! Thursday 9th July Reo Ferdinand is planning on attending Fahrenheit Festival to check out all the amazing bands and artists. You can win tickets to the festival through his website by visiting We are delighted to be welcoming all ages to enjoy this chilled out , relaxed and entertaining event. RADFAX Fahrenheit Music & Arts Festival 2009 Wimblington. Cambridgeshire. UK. Fri 7th / Sat 8th / Sun 9th August 2009

View Radfax Land Fahrenheit Festival 7-9th Aug 2009 in a larger map

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Trying to put things into perspective, doesn’t seem that difficult.
The banks, and mortgage companies, with the blessing of the government/s and commerce forced up the price of houses, they then allowed people to borrow beyond their means, knowing that these individuals were/are on a road to nowhere.
Many people clambered to get onto the property ladder, thinking of long term investments and security as prices started to climb.

An example of how house/flat prices have increased
In London 10 years ago a one bed roomed flat was around £80,000 ten years on and the asking price is £250,000.
Nothing changed, just the price.

The fat cats were, and still are giving themselves large bonuses and early retirement packages, with the banks using your hard earned money to do this. In the UK the banks have, and are being given the peoples money to bail them out, billions given/loaned to Northern Rock and other banks, and more recently another 200 BILLION pounds of public money was made available to do this.
As the job losses increase, more and more people will not be able to keep up their mortgage payments, this will in turn, enable the banks and mortgage lenders to, not only have taken your money (which is probably just the interest) over the years, but then goes on to sell your property/home at a reduced rate for a quick sale, and what about the difference you may ask, well, believe it or not, they're going to ask you for this money as well.
You all have, and continue to work hard for yourselves, your family’s and this country, your country, in the hope that the people entrusted with the directing and flow of money within the national and international economy, know what they are doing and give do give a damn. Where are the new jobs of the 21st century?
It would seem that all the politicians upholding the Thatcher principles, be that Conservative, Labour, Liberals etc, are no good for this country or it’s people. We are a nation and we need to unite. We need someone with Obama’s vision and integrity leading this country to a sustainable future, not a hit and run on the people and the economy. Since growing up, all I have seen are political parties all putting forward their manifestos, but none of them being honoured, none of them really changing things, and with all this potential

Why do they all need so much of your money?
Taxes, everything you earn and buy, big or small, they always take a % to for their TAXES, yet what do you get in return?
New stealth taxes, new rules and regulations, all in some way shape or form taking more of your hard earned money. Where is the balance? We should have all stepped up now; we are the future and the present.
There needs to be strict accountability, if political leaders/parties don't deliver on what they say in their manifesto, within a 4-5 year frame work they should be out, and held accountable. There is enough potential within all people and countries of the world to embrace balance, and progress with foresight and direction to a symbiotic sustainable future for ONE world.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The present financial crisis and steps to build a sustainable future with the right kick start

When Tony Blair was Prime Minister we sent him a letter regarding climate change, the economy and reinvestment into new green industries. We also sent an Email to Gordon Browns home constituency page. In return we received, from No 10, a photo copied standard letter, saying that the Prime Minister takes all enquiries and suggestions seriously, and from Gordon Browns office I received nothing.
Now we are in recession with no real end in sight. Something new is needed in order to progress beyond this state.
If we are to grow, or even kick start the UK economy, let alone the world, we need to increase production, this in turn will create more jobs, with long term prospects for a sustainable future,
On top of this the UK have signed up to meet CO2 emission targets.
In our letter, sent over a year ago we mentioned the closing of the Long bridge plant in the UK.
It was our opinion that the Government should have brought it as an investment and started a production line of Hydrogen cars making them available to all at an affordable price.

The industries of the UK should now be rebuilt from the bottom up. The New industry would make and then use hydrogen engines to power the new plants.
Further to this all new innovations and designs would use environmentally sound practices, from production, through to distribution and disposal, where necessary.

As a Nation globally renowned for its innovations and inventors.
This should be the new export industry; the environmental challenges should be looked at as part of a new symbiotic growth for mankind.
The world needs a plan; this is a plan, for growth longevity sustainability and harmony.
All you’ve got to do is get onboard.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Radfax live at The Bull & Gate 28th Jan 2009


Wed 28th Jan 2009 on stage @ 8.15 pm

They have booked an early slot so you can catch them on your way home from work
Price: £6.00 / £5.00 with flyer, available at
So, all of you Radfans or potential Radfans, hire a coach, a plane, a train, an automobile; get on a boat, a bus or a tube, Shanks’s pony, your skateboard, your bike or any other motion actuator, network your friends and come along.
8:15 PM On the 28th Jan 2009 the Bull & Gate Kentish Town London NW5
All the best for 2009 and beyound, the Radfax